Definition: To consciously think about something.


Recommendation: Collaborative editing ensures quality and attention to detail. Animated projects are a product of design. Animation allows the author to exceed expectations for presentation as each element benefits from careful consideration.

I came across some guidelines for the evaluation of instructional technology resources whilst studying in the Rice University library in Houston, Texas in 2006. These guidelines were compiled back in 1998 (1). The current version of the criteria no longer specifies the technical requirements of resources as it is now solely concerned with curriculum objectives.

I have addressed the original criteria in the following document. My purpose for doing this was two-fold:

1. I wanted to apply this principle of reflection and self-assessment to my own work.

2. As I had been given the liberty of compiling this thesis in HTML, I thought the criteria would be helpful in identifying issues. This criteria have been applied to the whole thesis and not just the 8 animations.


(1) Vaille, J.A. (ed) (1998). Guidelines for the Evaluation of Instructional Technology Resources. California: Stanislaus County Office of Education.

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