Satellites videos and transcripts

Satellites was the topic of investigation for Neil (Grade 6 boy).

Prior knowledge video

My topic is satellites and I really don't know much about them except they're used for transmitting signals to devices around us, say, for cable TV, or, umm, GPSs and, so, yeah.

That's all I know about them.


Completed explanatory animation

Satellites are objects which orbit around a planet.  Most satellites orbiting the Earth are placed there by humans for communication.

This is fat Jeffery.  He is a couch potato but recently he hasn’t been able to get a signal on his TV so he can’t be a couch potato any more!  Let’s see what is takes for Fat Jeffery to get his TV signal.

Satellites can only send transmissions in straight lines but the Earth is round. 

A satellite dish on the Earth transmits a signal to a satellite.  This is the uplink. One satellite sends a signal to another satellite to cross the Earth’s surface.

Inside a satellite is a transponder, which changes the frequency and amplifies the signal before sending it on.

When the signal is close enough to the destination it can be received by another satellite dish on the ground.  This is the downlink.

Director's commentary

At the start I got a big, like, head start with my animation but then from then on it started to slow down, as I had to do more research (and) just add small things that were harder to change.

I put Fat Jeffery in…yeah just came up with, just a random name and…Fat Jeffery yeah.  But I just wanted to add something like this to make it a bit more humorous.

Yeah I liked the way that I presented it and put it into a way that you could show like, the two words joining into one.  ‘Cause that’s what they [i.e., transponders] actually do [relaying] from transmitter and responder into...yeah the transponder.

Overall we were just trying to fix all the small things and just get everything right.

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