"How does hair grow?" videos and transcripts

"How does hair grow?" was the topic of investigation for Harriet (Grade 6 girl).

Prior knowledge video

My topic is how hair grows and I don't really know much about it except that it's from your skull and there's a tiny stem inside your skull and it grows from there.

Completed explanatory animation

"Is hair dead or alive?"  A lot  of people ask that but the truth is…hair is dead and that's why it doesn't hurt when you cut it.  But the reason it does hurt when you pull it is because you’re also pulling the stem and that’s where the hair grows from.

There are many different components that make up the hair.

    • the skin around the skull which is also known as the scalp
    • the hair string
    • the sebaceous glands
    • the dermal papillae and
    • the hair shaft.

So the hair grows on and on so slowly that you don’t even notice it.

It grows and falls out at the same time but because it grows so fast, people can choose to have long hair.

Now the reason that people have different coloured hair and different types of hair like curly, straight or wavy is because of a little something called…genes.

Director's commentary

The reason I chose this topic is because I’m interested in how hair grows and I’ve always seen these ads about hair animations and they look sort of fun and interesting and I’ve always sort of wondered [about] that.

Brendan asked me questions to keep me learning and I added that in my animation.

I liked the way how the labels worked.  I think it makes more sense when you have labels and just to show where they are and where it is.  That’s why I put it there.

The lines, when they fall out I thought was a good animation too.

Genes was my answer to different colours and curly, straight and wavy but I didn’t really get into any of the details because that’s not my topic.

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