Electromagnetic fields videos and transcripts

Electromagnetic fields was the topic of investigation for Magnus (Grade 5 boy).  His topic was initially "Magnetic fields" until session 6.

Prior knowledge video

Umm, my topic is magnetic fields and, umm, all I know about magnetic fields is they are invisible but powerful and, yeah, that's pretty much all I know.

Completed explanatory animation

A magnetic field is an area where the forces of attraction from a magnet are working.

An electromagnetic field has the same effect as a magnetic field but it can be turned on and off by stopping the electricity which it requires. 

Electric motors are one of the main uses of electromagnetic fields. 

Electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. The mechanical energy is normally used to turn things like wheels. 

A generator is like an electric motor used the other way where mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy.

Additional uses of electromagnetic fields are LCD screens and electromagnetic cranes.

Director's commentary

I completely changed my topic, from…well not completely.  I changed my topic from "Magnetic field" to "Electromagnetic field" because I thought "Electromagnetic field" was more interesting.

I also liked it how, umm, Brendan, ah, added some pictures into my animation so it looked better. And with the switch and the fan and stuff, I reckon I did a pretty good job of that.

And I also like the LCD screen with the electromagnetic crane.  I thought that was a pretty good end.

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