Debriefing session - 1A






Brendan: Now most of you have actually seen your finished animation. During this I won’t be calling you by your names because in the project I haven’t.  So don’t call each other by name if you can remember to do that. Two people are away and those two people I’ll, umm, try and catch up with but it won’t be for a session where I call you back so this is it.

So firstly, thank you for being part of this.  I’m very proud of what you did. Don’t feel you have to say things I want to hear.  Like if you found parts of this really annoying or frustrating, you can say that.  You can say anything you want.

So let’s have a quick look at the two people that haven’t seen theirs.  In alphabetical order (it) would be "Stadium design" first and then "Stringed instruments".

("Stadium design" animation)

There’s a section…where…let me show you where it is first.  It’s under what’s called "Data analysis" which is number seven and it’s like a snapshot.  You’ve given me so much information over the Semester that I’ve summarised it, well I haven’t finished, but I’m summarising it here.  So all your titles are listed again.  So for instance that one you just saw:

I can help you remember but that’s what the paper is for.  Just jot down dot points.  You won’t have to read it out (it’s) to help remind you about some of the big changes that happened. For some of you it’s a whole change of topic (for) other’s it was little refinements that went along.

Just imagine that people don’t go back through all the director’s commentaries (that) you did every week.  Some people will but other people will get straight to this and they’ll just want to hear a summary of all the big things.  So for you it will be things like "When I came up with the idea of the windows, it really started making sense" or the grid.  Those were really key things.

OK.  Let’s have a look at the final one…final person who hasn’t seen theirs. Now this one…it’s amazing that this was the first one finished…or second one.  Yours was the first one finished.  Umm, considering (that) you changed topics more than half way through.  That’s why I gave, I gave you the formula so you could work on how to animate it.  And here it is:

Molly: It’s really, really good.

Sunny: It’s random.

Molly: No it’s really, really good.

Ingrid: Who said it wasn't?

Molly: Oh I didn't say it wasn't good though.

Ingrid: It wasn’t random.

("Stringed instruments" animation)


Researcher reflection: After editing and watching this back I'm embarrassed by how much talking I do. The ratio of student participation does increase however in the subsequent chapters.


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