2010 Storyboard pilot study

Children involved in the 2010 Storyboard pilot study produced three videos as follows:

  1. A video of each child explaining their prior knowledge of their chosen topic.
  2. Their completed explanatory animation.
  3. A director's commentary explaining their learning journey in their own voice and words using the video footage from their explanatory animation.
Alternate tunings (Prior knowledge)
Alternate tunings (Animation)
Alternate tunings (Director's commentary)
Bass Clef (Prior knowledge)
Bass Clef (Animation)

Bass Clef (Director's commentary)

Batteries (Prior knowledge)
Batteries (Animation)
Batteries (Director's commentary)
Brakes (Prior knowledge)
Brakes (Animation)
Brakes (Director's commentary)
Clarinets (Prior knowledge)
Clarinets (Animation)
Clarinets (Director's commentary)
Electricity (Prior knowledge)
Electricity (Animation)

Electricity (Director's commentary)

Genetic testing (Prior knowledge)
Genetic testing (Animation)

Genetic testing (Director's commentary)

Gravity (Prior knowledge)
Gravity (Animation)

Gravity (Director's commentary)

Microphones (Prior knowledge)
Microphones (Animation)

Microphones (Director's commentary)

Photosynthesis (Prior knowledge)
Photosynthesis (Animation)

Photosynthesis (Director's commentary)

Pizza fractions (Prior knowledge)
Pizza fractions (Animation)

Pizza fractions (Director's commentary)

Sharps and flats (Prior knowledge)
Sharps and flats (Animation)

Sharps and flats (Director's commentary)

Slash chords (Prior knowledge)
Slash chords (Animation)

Slash chords (Director's commentary)

Trumpets (Prior knowledge)
Trumpets (Animation)
Trumpets (Director's commentary)


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