Saturday, September 4th 2010

I've just been researching speaker placement, acoustics and tuning so I can guide the "Guitar" animation student who has realised that his overall topic might be too big for a single animation. I have some knowledge about these areas but found that they may still be too complicated due to the number of related concepts involved.

My Literature review has now contracted to just cover cognitive development, representation and metacognition with direct links from my three research questions. The deleted section (Epistemology) is now covered in the Research methodology section.


Tuesday, September 21st 2010

I'm on school holidays again for the next two weeks so I'm able to work on Storyboard much more than usual. Yesterday I noticed that the three chapters in my Literature review have some correlation with the three videos that each Storyboard participant produces. The second video (explanatory animation) ties in perfectly with representation and the third video (Director's commentary) with metacognition. The only exception was the Prior knowledge video and Cognitive development. Cognitive development itself is suitable but the research question mentioned "reflecting on their own learning" which doubles up with metacognition.

I've decided to rename the first section "Concept based learning" (which includes Cognitive development) and the new question is:

"How does prior knowledge support cognitive development?"

I've also linked the "Explanatory animation theory" section into the Literature review as "Literature review B".



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