Tuesday, September 2nd 2008

I had a very fruitful meeting yesterday with my principal from school. She is fully supportive of my research and was keen to understand it better. I've been given a time to speak to the staff at a staff meeting on the 7th of October.

I've just read over the ethics approval documents for both Melbourne University and the Department of Education. It is unclear as to which should be done first so I think I'll make some enquiries.


Monday, September 15th 2008

I have brought this computer to school today as it is required for some filming with the Grade 2s where they play along with an original composition. I wanted to have some of the children using the chroma-key studio so I needed this computer to generate the notation graphics.

Next week is school holidays so I can spend more time on my research although I also have a lot of film editing to catch up on.


Tuesday, September 30th 2008

Since starting holidays I've been editing for the Film Festival but I have made some progress on my research too. I spoke with Tony (my University supervisor). He agreed that we don't need to meet as I still haven't lodged my ethics approval. He said that the University approval should be done before commencing the Department of Education ethics approval process.

I bought a new computer and I'm working on it now. It's actually second hand but it's a laptop dedicated to my research and BJ Multimedia programs.


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