Sunday, October 3rd 2010

I'm really interested in developing the idea of macroconcepts. These concepts apply to several subject areas and are basic, everyday phenomena like patterns, measurement and groupings. Such categories build on prior knowledge which is why I'm keen to explore this further.


Sunday, October 24th 2010

I'm spending all of my spare time editing video for our Short Film Festival which premieres in 10 days time. I received an email from the University last weekend via my supervisors saying that my confirmation document must be submitted within 3 to 4 weeks. I decided that I'll need to take long service leave to achieve this as I can't divert any time from video editing until it's done.

Last night I was thinking that decision making is an important life skill which is largely overlooked in the curriculum. Video editing and script writing are areas where hundreds of decisions are made in creative ways. One major advantage of making decisions in the digital domain is that they are reversible.


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