Tuesday, June 15th 2010

I've also been writing weekly journal entries in the work samples section. Yesterday was my 40th Birthday. I've always pictured the 40's as being productive years.

Tuesday, June 29th 2010

I'm on two weeks of school holidays so I can focus all of my free time on Storyboard. The index page has changed again with a more prominent media wall link and more importantly, by changing the "Electives" page to "Context" as follows:

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My following thoughts on context are also documented in the overview section.

At a staff meeting last week we were asked to reflect on what engagement looks like and we had to sort through numerous words which we had written earlier in the year on the same topic. Later that night I thought about how we often choose one area in education to focus on and how that area is never sufficient to explain the complexity of actual teaching.

I made yet another analogy for this which again involves food:

There are commonly understood components of a good meal such as taste, nutrition and presentation. If we focus on any one area we risk disturbing the inherent balance that these areas provide.

For example:

Of course these three areas should be kept in balance. Is there one single word that can cover the multifaceted arena of education? Only a multifaceted word could attempt to do justice to such a topic. Context is such a word because it involves everything that's relevant to the subject.

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