Wednesday, 3rd June 2009

I've been thinking about another section I'd like to include in my thesis along the lines of discovery learning. My initial reading about this area shows that it developed in the 1960's and that it has the mantra "Learning through doing". Whilst I agree with this, my emphasis is more diagnostic as teachers can discover what students understand when the students represent their own knowledge visually using animation.

Friday, 5th June 2009

It's lunchtime at a Marco Torres conference. I first saw Marco nearly two years ago and I've felt that my ideas are very closely aligned with his. His main thrust is that multimedia is a powerful presentation medium and that students and teachers should be producers of digital content.

Wednesday, 10th June 2009

My ethics approval ammendment has been approved by the University of Melbourne. I'm now starting a similar process with the Department of Education (DEECD).

A further reflection from the conference with Marco last week relates to learning styles. He was basically saying that teachers often try to mix up their presentation of information to cater to the different learning styles that students might have. His point was that this practice was focused on students receiving information and that it is better for students to present and construct their own learning where the various learning styles can be implemented and exercised, by the students rather than the teacher.

I've also justed learned that my boss, Rhonda is leaving at the end of the week to take up a new job at Elwood College. I hope whoever replaces her is an equally nice person and as supportive of my research as she was.

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