Monday, July 7th 2008

The holidays are halfway gone but I've got a lot done. The new iMac is set up with bootcamp so I can still run Adobe Premiere Pro. I've started capturing in footage for A Day in the Life.


Wednesday, July 9th 2008

I've made an appointment with Tony, my main supervisor at the University on Friday morning. The ethics approval forms are probably my next priority as there are separate forms the University and Primary School.


Friday, July 11th 2008

Today has been very fruitful. Driving in to see Tony this morning I thought that there could be some criteria to assess the benefits and learning quality of various ICT tasks and activities. I mentioned this to Tony and he agreed that would be useful for my own self-assessment and also for ICT use in general. Other developments and agreements were:

I also borrowed four relevant books from the library.


Saturday, July 12th 2008

Last night I fully redesigned the Main menu. It was similar in terms of content the presentation now has 12 sections in a neat circle complete with a new colour scheme.


Thursday, July 17th 2008

I started back at school on Monday but I didn’t get a chance to write anything on that day. The next morning my computer shorted out the whole school building every time I turned it on. It is six years old but I keep it because it has software that would be expensive for me to replace such as Flash and Dreamweaver. Luckily for me I backed up my research the day before. I was prepared to throw it out but I thought to try it one last time from home where the power is more modern and stable. It worked fine so I’ve decided to keep it at home from now on. This means I’m now using my Mac laptop as my main classroom computer.

After the Film Festival on 5th November I’ll bring the new iMac back into the classroom and then I’ll be able to run all of my programs as it has Boot Camp. All of this is to say that technology can be annoying sometimes but by having a Plan B you can work around it.

Main menu