Sunday, 7th February 2010

I had a real breakthrough during the week. The Constructionism book that I'm reading has a chapter by Uri Wilensky called "Abstract Meditations on the Concrete". He basically says that Piaget's concrete and abstract stages are back-to-front because all concepts are abstract until you understand them. This in itself was a breakthrough but then I thought of extending the concrete metaphor to say that as understanding increases, the concrete sets.

Thursday, 18th February 2010

I started a new animation today to help me articulate what constitutes a concept. It's a "low-tech" animation but I really need to just lay out my ideas and see how they fit together. My definitions will need to be simple enough to explain to Primary School children.

Sunday, 21st February 2010

I was having trouble consolidating my "What is a concept idea". The following screen shot shows how I hadn't managed to tie it all together:

After trying a process of synthesis rather than analysis, I came up with three basic categories for what constitutes a concept as follows:

Today I also emailed Tony and Julianne a progress report.

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