Saturday, 22nd August 2009

It's been over 6 weeks since my last journal entry. That sounds like a confession but I had to prioritise as my musical "Knock on Wood" premiered on Tuesday 18th and closed on Wednesday 19th August. Overall it was a big success although the second night was much better due to technical issues with the microphones on opening night which made the story harder to follow in such a large venue.

My last journal entry mentioned that I was going to apply for a scholarship at the Melbourne Business School for a Graduate Certificate in Commercialisation of Research. My application was successful and I started last Thursday night, the day after "Knock on Wood" finished. I'll be doing four units. My first one is Marketing.

Last night I had the idea of linking all of my media together from a single screen. I've already set this up and called it a "Media wall". Another way I justified my time away from my Storyboard thesis was the idea of including "Knock on Wood" on my media wall as I assembled every scene as a screen in PowerPoint.

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