Definition: The ongoing process of gathering, analysing and reflecting on evidence to make informed and consistent judgements to improve student learning". (1) Assessment is both a noun and a verb as it can be a score and also the process of formulating that score.

1. Assessment OF learning. The making of judgements on student achievement against goals and standards.

2. Assessment FOR learning. The giving and receiving of feedback during the learning cycle. Whether formal or informal, this should be frequent and embedded in the teaching process.

3. Assessment AS learning. Students reflect on and monitor their own progress. This self-assessment is a metacognitive process.


Recommendation: Reduce variables to increase clarity. If assessment is regular and consistent, it can become more specific when variables are reduced. The following two sound files from the Swing/straight section demonstrate how I have come to apply this principle. I used to teach the difference between swing and straight rhythms using contrast but now I use the same notes so that the only difference is the feel.


(1) Vermont Primary School, report writing guidelines, October 2006.

(2) Robinson (1998:30)

(3) Miller, G.A. (1956). The magical number seven, plus or minus two: Some limits on our capacity for processing information. Psychological review, 63, 81-97.

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