Thursday, 1st April 2010

I've been in Santa Fe New Mexico since last Friday but this is my first journal entry since leaving Australia. The biggest change since my last entry is that I've put the entire Storyboard thesis online at the site that I set up for my Animating Best Practice Master's degree. Of course, I'm no way near finished but by putting it all online, I will be forced to work on this project more regularly.

Sunday, 11th April 2010

I'm delayed at LAX as my flight to Australia has been cancelled. We've been put on a later flight with another airline. This also means that the flight is no longer direct to Melbourne. The additional time wasted flying via Sydney means that I've had to ring Elwood Primary School and say that I won't be in until Wednesday.

Since my last journal entry I've added a new "Project based learning" section to the Literature review. I've also asked the question "What is success?" in my implications section.

Last Wednesday I met with Dr Robin again at the University of Houston. He allowed me to present for one hour during his "Educational uses of digital video" class. The feedback from this session was very positive. It's really helpful for me to have such opportunities.

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