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This web site is primarily to house my PhD dissertation Storyboard - Primary school student designing and making explanatory animations. This research was completed through the University of Melbourne in 2015 and, to my knowledge, is the world's first multimodal thesis in the field of Education. In addition to the abstract describing this thesis, the following 50-word summary was read at my graduation ceremony:

Brendan Jacobs investigated the conceptual consolidation of primary school children through their creation of explanatory animations. His research advanced our understanding of animation pedagogy and demonstrated how the children's mental models, as depicted through their animation key frames and storyboards, functioned as both flexible models and diagnostic tools.

Publications from this research

Jacobs, B. & Cripps Clark, J. (2018). Create to critique - Explanatory animation as conceptual consolidation. Teaching Science, 64(1), 29-39.

Jacobs, B., Wright, S. & Reynolds, N. (2017). Reevaluating the concrete - Explanatory animation creation as a digital catalyst for transmediation. Mind, Culture and Activity, 24(4), 297-310. http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/10749039.2017.1294181

Jacobs, B. & Robin, B. (2016). Animating best practice. Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 11(3), 263-283. http://dx.do.org/10.1177/1746847716662554

In press

Jacobs, B. & Usher, A. (2018). Proximity as a window into the zone of proximal development. Literacy Information and Computer Education Journal, 9(3), 1-9.


Originally, the brendanpauljacobs.com site was set up to house my Master's degree entitled "Animating Best Practice" which was conducted through Monash University in 2007. Before getting too serious with the content of my research, I have included some of my favourite family photos:

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Free music resources

My interest in multimodal education began many years ago when I wrote some content to help people learn to play musical instruments. My first release was enable Bass (1999-2017) which was revised and updated for many years before it was discontinued. This content is now available for free as part of this site. Simply click on the icon below or go to http://www.brendanpauljacobs.com/bass/index.html

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Likewise, enable Guitar (2006-2017) can be accessed at http://www.brendanpauljacobs.com/guitar/index.html

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